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Flood Insurance in New York

Despite what some may think, flooding is not uncommon in New York state. Hurricane Sandy and other natural disasters have required New York residents and business owners to re-evaluate their need for flood insurance in recent years. Flood Insurance is not a policy people often think about, but it is a vital one.

At Windgate Insurance Agency Inc in New Windsor, NY, we know how much you value your New York home or business. These buildings are so much more than what they appear: they are where we build our families, live our passions and create our legacies. And if a flood damages these structures, our livelihood is compromised. That's why we are proud to offer flood insurance policies to keep New York residents and businesses afloat during hard times.

Some areas in New York are at a higher risk than others for flooding. Infrastructure in those higher-risk areas may be required to have flood insurance, so you should know if your property is susceptible. Here is how to read a flood map of New York State to help assess your risk.

If you aren't in a high-risk zone, you still can be a victim of flooding -- over 15% of floods happen outside the high flood risk zones. However, as stated, that does not mean you are immune outside the high-risk areas. Anyone in New York State would benefit from having this type of coverage in case of an emergency. Sometimes, homeowners are surprised to find that their basic policy does not cover floods -- and this happens when it is all too late. Flood insurance often kicks in 30 days after purchasing, so it's important to purchase it before it is necessary.

Flooding damage, be it from rain or winds, is not easily repaired or managed. However, having high-quality insurance will give you peace of mind about your New York building should a time you need it to come.

Windgate Insurance Agency Inc in New Windsor, NY is here to help. We are a team of experienced professionals, armed with the right tools to protect you and your assets. Call us today, or stop by and visit us, to receive a quote and discuss your options!