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Motorcycle Insurance in New York

Just saying the word motorcycle gets most folks to smile. The symbol of freedom and vitality that a motorcycle represents just spells fun, frolic and revolt. You’re too unconventional to be sitting in a car, right? You still need insurance. Windgate Insurance Agency Inc. located in New Windsor, NY is your go-to place for all things insurance. We'll help you insure your motorcycle and let you get back to feeling the wind whip through your hair as you ride aboard your bike.

A Couple Of Rules Along The Way

Residents of New York State must possess a Class M or a Class MJ Driver's License or learners permit in order to legally drive their motorcycle. In order to get a motorcycle license, you have to start with a motorcycle Learner's Permit, just like your New York State Driver's License.

Some people assume that in order to ride a motorcycle they just need to buy one. You have to have these documents and you have to pass the road test to drive your motorcycle. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been driving a motor vehicle for years.

How To Get Your Driver License In New York State

  • Go to your local DMV and apply for a motorcycle permit
  • Get ready for the motorcycle road test the DMV recommends that you practice for at least 30 hours in medium to high volume traffic
  • Take your road test and wait for your license
  • You may be able to have the road test waived by taking a Basic Rider Course or a Basic Rider Course II license waiver. These courses must have been completed in New York State.

Stop by Windgate Insurance Agency Inc. Our office is located in beautiful New Windsor, NY. Your ride will be much easier knowing that you’re protected with quality motorcycle insurance. Come in today.