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Umbrella Insurance in New York

Windgate Insurance Agency Inc. in New Windsor, NY has various insurance products to take a lot of the worry out of your life. Taking care of a lot of big ticket items in your life like your home, your car, your lifestyle is what we do and where we get our satisfaction. Consider Windgate Insurance Agency your insurance "Windfall". In that way, we are much like umbrella insurance – taking care of those things that you may not have thought of.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is an extension of a standard insurance policy. In short, umbrella insurance takes care of the things that go beyond a normal claim. That means that umbrella insurance can be extremely individualized to your lifestyle. Umbrella insurance can be an extension for personal umbrella liabilities umbrella insurance can be used as an extension for commercial or business liabilities.

Do I Need Umbrella Insurance?

Speak with one of our professional agents today regarding whether you need umbrella insurance. Since we are experts in the field we'll be able to assist you in learning whether umbrella insurance is viable.

Some Pertinent Factors To Ascertain The Viability Of Umbrella Insurance

  • employment
  • commercial enterprises
  • lifestyle
  • financial status

Because, we never know what happens day today, it’s reasonable that everyone could use umbrella insurance. Just in case you are liable for an amount that exceeds your standard insurance policy. However, some people are in extraordinary circumstances regularly, therefore umbrella insurance may be more relevant.

Located in picturesque upstate New Windsor, NY, we're not far from the Big Apple. We like to take a bite out of all things New York State offers just like you. Come in today and meet one of our friendly agents or staff members. The umbrella we extend is just right!