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Renters Insurance in New York

New York Residents - Protect Yourself With Renter's Insurance

Renters insurance is a product that protects a person who is renting an apartment from loss of property or liability incurred from damages. Some incidents that occur in an apartment structure cannot be foreseen and a renter could be liable. Most of us think that all liability in an apartment dwelling would fall on the landlord of that apartment. That is not the case and a good, quality renter's insurance policy will protect both the renter and landlord.

Whether you’re a resident of New Windsor, NY or some other locale in New York State we’d like you to consider us, Windgate Insurance Agency Inc. We are a comprehensive agency. We offer underwriting for several insurance products that you can use to safeguard the mishaps in life.

What Is Renter's Insurance?

Renters insurance protects many instances that occur in apartment rental situations:

Loss of property

Resident or guest injury

Any specific issues, items or occurrences that can be covered can be underwritten in your policy

Do I Need Renter's Insurance in New York State?

In New York State renter's insurance is not a cursory instrument of protection. In other words, it is not mandatory in every apartment renting situation. However, many landlords require renter's insurance in order to rent or lease an apartment. That means, it varies from landlord to landlord. Renters insurance protects the renter as well as the landlord. If there is a liability, the owner of the property - the landlord, is probably going to incur liability. That’s where renters insurance comes in.

There are some occurrences that are covered by the rental insurance policy as opposed to the landlord’s commercial insurance policy.

It could get complicated.

Don’t let your insurance needs become a complex mess. Let us handle it, give us a call at Windgate Insurance Agency Inc, located in New Windsor, NY or come in today to find out how renters insurance can make your rental experience much easier.