Purchasing Life Insurance for Children in New York

Daily, parents have many tasks to take care of, such as working, paying bills, maintaining their household, and, most importantly, taking care of their kids. Having kids is one of the greatest gifts that can happen to you, and it is of the utmost importance to protect them at all times. In addition to the latter, preparing for their future while they are babies is never a bad plan to have in mind. 

At Windgate Insurance Agency, Inc., our agents are highly knowledgeable and can ensure you receive the best insurance options available. We are located in New Windsor, NY, and have served the local community since 1991. Our clients always have a variety of questions to ask us, and we can steer you down the right path to satisfaction. Here are some quick things to keep in mind when you are purchasing life insurance for your child that will be beneficial to you as parents. 

When should you purchase life insurance for a child?

There is no golden age as to where you have/need to purchase life insurance for your child. However, it never hurts to start investing in it when you feel like you’re ready. Preparing a cushion for them now is excellent just in case a parent(s) pass away. 

How does life insurance benefit a child? 

By starting early, you give the child a better chance to qualify for life insurance later on in life. It is also a financial savings net for your child as well. As the money you invest in their life insurance continues to grow, when it is time to start distributing those funds, you will notice that starting early was all worth it.

Are you thinking about any questions or concerns that you are not quite 100% of the right answers? Our agents are available for scheduling in-person consultations. Reach out to our office in New Windsor, NY to speak with our team and get started with a quote.