Required Auto Insurance in New York

Every state has its own requirements for motorists, and like others, New York requires its drivers to have auto insurance. In the state, proof of that insurance must be available at all times while you’re driving. If you drive in New York, don’t face fines, fees, and other penalties. Give us a call at Windgate Insurance Agency Inc. in New Windsor, NY to find out more. 

Liability Coverage

There are two types of liability coverage that are required in New York auto insurance, and three different amounts are required. There is an amount necessary for bodily injury for when one person becomes injured in an accident caused by you. Then, there is a second amount that is for bodily injury liability for an accident that you cause. Third, there is an amount required for property damage that is done to a third party. This can be damage to their vehicle or to anything else that was struck. These amounts are very low when compared to other states. It can be a smart decision to get more coverage than the law requires so that you are better protected. 

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist

This coverage is required for bodily injury to you and your passengers if you were struck by a motorist with no insurance or not enough insurance to pay for your medical bills. This can also be used if you were hit by a hit-and-run driver. 

Personal Injury Protection

This coverage is required to pay for your own injuries after an accident. The required amount is on par with other states that require it, but adding to it can be helpful. 

Stay Protected With Auto Insurance

If you are a driver in New York, you have to have all of these coverage types. Don’t risk fees or having an accident without insurance. To get started, give us a call at Windgate Insurance Agency Inc. in New Windsor, NY.