Renters Insurance: What You need to Know

You might think you don’t need insurance because you don’t own a property. Well, that would be wrong! The truth is renters insurance is not only available but may prove to be very necessary in the future. You might want to know a few things before you get renter’s insurance. 

What Is Renters Insurance? 

It’s also known as tenant insurance. Renters insurance covers personal items, which your landlord’s insurance won’t cover. If you must evacuate due to damages, renters insurance will reimburse you for lodging fees and food. It will also cover your legal costs if someone is injured in your home. 

Is It Required?

While renters insurance is not required by law, some landlords may insist on a renter’s policy. Know your policy well. Read it through to see if you have something that will pay to replace stolen or damaged property. Remember that loss due to flooding may not be covered by renters insurance. 

How Do I Go About Getting Renters Insurance?

First, assess your needs. Photograph or digitally record your possessions. If you own something with a serial number, write it down. Keep these records somewhere safe. After estimating the cost of replacing these items, you can choose an insurance company if the worst happens. Research their ratings and see if you can get a good deal. After that, you can start the application and fine-tune your policy. 

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