Tips for getting your home ready for winter

New Windsor, NY can get mighty cold in the winter, and making sure that your home is prepared can save you energy, money, and worry. At Windgate Insurance Agency Inc. we are independent insurance agents who place the needs of our customers first. We know that we work for you, and we will make sure we offer you the best options to protect your home. 

Tips for getting your home ready for winter

Plug the leaks

Given the cost of keeping your home snug and warm during the winter, it makes good sense to make sure you are not losing any heat. Begin your search for leaks by checking the insulation in your attic. It is simple and inexpensive to add another layer. Doors and windows need to fit tightly and by using caulk or weather stripping you can plug any leaks. 

Have winter supplies ready

Sand and salt can help to keep your walkways and driveway from becoming a slip-and-fall hazard. Put your bags in any easy-to-access location. 

Get the snowblower tuned up

Making sure your snowblower is up and running before you actually need it is important. 

Have the chimney and furnace cleaned

Getting your chimney and furnace clean is vital for your safety. It should be done every year to get rid of any creosote that may have accumulated in the chimney. A clean furnace is also more efficient. 

Carbon monoxide detector checkup

People die every year needlessly from carbon monoxide poisoning. Check the batteries and make sure your detector is in the right location. 

Clean the gutters

Clogged gutters can result in roof damage, which can be expensive. If you can’t do it yourself, hire someone or get covers for your gutters to make sure they run freely. 

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