Ten Boating Safety Tips

As the temperature soars and the days grow longer, boat lovers begin to anticipate their favorite time of year. To ensure your time on boating is safe and fun, the licensed insurance professionals at Windgate Insurance Agency Inc., serving the greater New Windsor, NY area, want you to remember these boating safety tips –

1. Make Sensible Decisions. 

Don’t operate a boat while drowsy or under the influence.

2. Follow the Weather Forecast. 

Before leaving the dock, check local weather conditions. Watch for sudden weather changes.

3. Give Someone Your Itinerary.

Include dates and where you are going. It is important for someone to know where to find you if you don’t return.

4. Carry a Life Jacket for Everyone.

Each boat passenger should have access to a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life-jacket. The boat should have a throwable flotation device for emergencies.

5. Do Not Overload the Boat.

Carry only the number of passengers and cargo allowed. You do not want to sink the boat.

6. Test the Horn.

Make sure you can communicate with other boats and send emergency signals.

7. Navigation Lights Should Be Kept On.

This is essential as it ensures other boats will clearly see you on the water.

8. Be Prepared for an Emergency On-Board.

Carry critical safety equipment – a first-aid kit, flares,  an emergency blanket, and fire extinguishers, an emergency blanket, on-board at all times.

9. Shut Off the Engine When Approaching Swimmers.

To minimize the risk of injury, turn off the engine and keep swimmers on the operator’s side of the boat.

10. Dress appropriately.

Wear slip-proof shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and waterproof clothing.

Are you looking for additional protection while boating? Talk to one of the licensed professionals at Windgate Insurance Agency Inc., a full-service insurance company serving the greater New Windsor, NY vicinity. We can be reached conveniently online or by telephone at 845-562-8800.