Is Home Insurance Required in New York?

Homeowners in New Windsor, NY should be well versed in the requirements of insurance in the state. While it’s not legally mandated to maintain a home insurance policy, your lender will most likely require you to have an insurance policy on the home. 

Windgate Insurance Agency Inc. highly recommends pursuing an insurance company that has experts in the field that can accurately assess your property to provide a quote and plan that best suits your lifestyle and needs. Anybody can sell insurance, but it’s important to select a company that knows what they’re doing and are passionate about helping you feel protected within the four walls of your home. 

What Does a Home Insurance Policy Cover?

The home insurance policy you select can vary, but the majority of these types of plans include coverage for the structure of your home, the personal belongings inside the home, and any structures on your property, like a pool or detached garage. If your property includes any of these, that’s a great point of clarification to get when you meet with an insurance provider. Make sure you determine what items on your property need insurance and the valuable items within your home as well. 

Taking an inventory of your home and its precious items is a great way to protect any financial investments you’ve made over the years. Home insurance can offer protection from burglaries, damage from weather and natural disasters, repairs needed, and much more. 

Life in New Windsor, NY truly can’t be beaten. If you’re a homeowner and interested in evaluating your current policy or pursuing a new one, contact the team at Windgate Insurance Agency Inc. We’re here to help.