New York Motorhome Insurance: RV Security Tips to Prevent Motorhome Theft

When you have a motorhome in New York, security is always going to be on your mind. Of course, New York motorhome insurance can help protect you with comprehensive coverage, but you’re still going to worry about being a victim of motorhome crime. 

At Windgate Insurance Agency Inc., we want New Windsor, NY residents to feel less stress when they go on their road adventures. A few motorhome security tips may give you some additional peace of mind when you are enjoying your road trips and summer adventures.

Use Visible Deterrents

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on security sometimes. A visible deterrent is just that, a deterrent. These include a wheel clamp or a steering lock, which can be an effective way to deter anybody that wants to break into your RV.  

These devices will serve as a barrier and may ward off potential thieves. If your RV is a manual or stick shift device, a clutch lock can protect them from taking the car.

Motorhome Alarms

Take your security up a notch with motorhome alarms that can be fitted anywhere on your RV. You can add a state-of-the-art system or a simple alarm that will help you feel more secure when you are on the road. You may want to get a system that monitors or notifies you of any detected threats or alerts.


Trackers are among the most popular motorhome security features when you are upping the security on your RV. This enables you to locate your motorhome at all times and will be handy in the event of a theft.

These can be costly but are liked by insurance companies as they are less costly than that of a replacement vehicle.

Secure Your Motorhome Today

Whether you are considering a big RV trip or not, adding more security to your motorhome is never a bad idea. At Windgate Insurance Agency Inc., we want New Windsor, NY residents to feel more protected on the roads, and at home. Call us for a quote to make your RV adventures more secure today.