Essential Coverage: Commercial Insurance in New Windsor

For New Windsor, NY business owners, a commercial insurance policy is one of the more crucial decisions they must make. However, several myths need to be debunked before an informed choice can be made. Windgate Insurance Agency Inc. is here to help with that. Let’s take a moment to dismantle said myths, shall we?

Small Businesses Don’t Need Insurance

“My small business does not need any insurance. We’ll be fine,” you say. We have heard this before, and nothing could be further from the actual truth. The size of the business will play zero role in whether they need a commercial policy. While a smaller business may require less coverage than a larger one, the idea that they do not need coverage at all is a total misnomer.

My Homeowners’ Policy Is All I Need

A homeowners’ insurance policy is also great, but it will not be able to provide the necessary protections. In these instances, a commercial insurance policy and a homeowners’ policy should be considered as totally separate entities. Homeowners’ insurance does not provide a business with any level of protection.

Cyber Attacks Aren’t That Common

In this day and age, this mentality will lead to all sorts of short and long-term difficulties. While cyberattacks may not occur daily, that does not mean they never happen. No forward-thinking business owner can afford to find themselves behind the proverbial eight-ball if a cyberattack occurs.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to schedule a hassle-free consultation as soon as possible. Windgate Insurance Agency Inc. is here to help New Windsor, NY business owners learn everything they need to know before making a final decision.