How Much Say Does My Condo Association Have In My Insurance?

If you live in a condominium, you’re probably going to be subject to the governance of a condo association, which will function much like a typical homeowner’s association. These groups benefit condo owners with general management to ensure that the neighborhood is kept in good condition, and will typically provide insurance for the general building that you live in and for the community.

When it comes to your condo insurance, however, you’ll be expected to buy it yourself. Essentially, your condo association’s insurance covers everything outside your home, and your condo insurance covers everything inside your home.

So, the question is: How much say does your condo association have in your insurance? The answer is that it varies from one association in New Windsor, NY to the next.

  • Some condo associations may have no input whatsoever on your condo insurance. This means that you can go without any protection at all if you like. Of course, that would mean that if something happens to your possessions in a fire, the building repairs will be covered, but your belongings will not be.
  • Some condo associations may require that you buy a minimum amount of protection, but will not have any input on who you buy that coverage from.
  • Some condo associations may insist that you go through a specific insurance company to get covered.

If your New Windsor, NY condo association falls into the first two categories, get in touch with Windgate Insurance Agency, Inc. to see what they can do for you. Your condo association’s insurance will cover anything that happens to the exterior of the building. Still, when it comes to your possessions and the safety of the people inside your home, you’ll need an ally like Windgate Insurance Agency, Inc. on your side.